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Welcome to Code&Shop, the shop where you pay just for the website design you need.

About us

A few months ago 2PlayPolls decided to split its info focusing on affiliate marketing. A few days ago, this new website, Frustrated Affiliate Marketers, gave birth to this new website, Code&Shop.

A good idea

The idea behind this is very simple: giving you the opportunity to customize and improve your window to the world: your website. Affiliate marketers are business people, and what works for an affiliate marketers works for every business owner of this century: we need speed, we need style, we need responsiveness, we need the first positions in search engines. And we asked ourselves: after improving content, social media, marketing, what do we need? More speed. And you know our answer? The answer is: let’s start installing less plugins on our websites, let’s get rid of what is not strictly necessary.

How can we reach the goal?

For this reason, we developed a code shop where you can buy the most common items that every website needs: table of contents, bars, forms … and all this just using codes. Doing this, we can provide you with inexpensive web design, just to give more style to your website. The style you want! But that was not enough: the first thing we need as human beings is knowledge, and we provide you with knowledge in two ways:

1) every time you will buy a product from our coding shop, you will get closer to coding and under our assistance you will discover aspects of your business that you didn’t know;

2) we provide you with free manuals that will teach you how to use the most common – and free – web tools in a profitable way.

What are you waiting for? Have a look at our shop and customize your business!